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About Us

If you would like to know more about us; who we are and what we do, then this section has all the information you will need, if you love cute dogs, this is the section for you.

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Jet, Ben and Claire in woods

Hello everyone!

Our names are Jet & Ben and we are the Durham Constabulary Community Dogs that help you by visiting your schools and community events teaching you all about being safe.

Click on the links below to learn more about our team & read our bios.

Oscar Kilo 9

The dogs are the forces trauma and wellbeing support dogs and help to support all officers and staff.

Mental health icon

Mental health first aid

Claire is trained in Mental Health First Aid to be able to recognise and respond when officers and staff need further support.

Trauma support

Trauma support

Police officers and staff do a demanding and sometimes dangerous job and can be exposed to trauma.  Police forces have recognised the value of dogs in helping officers and staff with their wellbeing.

Post incident icon

Post incident support

After any traumatic incident a referral can be made through the wellbeing team and Reggie or Ben will be out into action.

Learn more on the OK9 website

Our Partners

We work alongside a number of organisations and charities


Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions

Is there a charge for any of our visits?
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No, the Jet and Ben project is fully funded and supported by Durham Constabulary and local charge meaning there is no charge to schools or the local community.

Do you hold risk assessments for attending schools and community events?
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Yes, the Jet and Ben project is thoroughly risk assessed on a regular basis, both dogs are trained and assessed to ensure that they can fulfil the role safely.It is important though that each school and community group ensure that they have informed parents or people attending of the presence of the dogs to check for any allergies or adverse fears that we need to be made aware of before attending or during our visit.

Do you have the correct clearances to visit schools and community groups?
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Since we are Durham Constabulary staff members, we are given the same clearances and checks as a Police Officer or teacher would have and these are repeated and checked on a regular basis.

How do we go about booking Jet and Ben for a visit?
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There are many different avenues you can now use to make contact with us to book a visit; there are many contact links on this website which will send the message directly to us, if you would prefer we also have a Facebook messenger, Twitter and an Instagram account.

How long can you stay at our school or community group?
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To make it as fair as we can for everybody to book in, we try to commit a morning or an afternoon to each individual school or group.

How long has the Jet and Ben programme been running for?
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Durham Constabulary has been coordinating the Jet and Ben programme with support from charities such as Durham Agency Against Crime for over 30 years.

Will the children be able to approach the dogs and touch them during their visit?
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This is an individual school or group choice, if the school or group would like this to take place then yes the children can approach the dogs at the end of the session for strokes and photo opportunities, this will be done in a safe and organised fashion with the correct hygiene instructions in place also.

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