Hello, my name is Jet

I am a Black Labrador, I started out my life with Durham Police as a tiny puppy, I originally started out my time in the police training to be a search dog, but because I had such good skills working with people I was transferred to work with my handler Claire.

So, I am now a Community Engagement dog for Durham Constabulary.

I love my job now; as every day is such fun; I get to visit lots of new places and meet lots of interesting new people; but I also help to keep people safe and that is extremely important.

I guess you would like to know more about me, well I work as part of a team with my colleague Ben and Claire.

Jet in a school
Jet at community event

I am the wild one though, I love to run all the time and when I go to any new places I get so excited that there are times I cannot help but scream.

My favourite thing in the whole wide world is a tennis ball, I love; love; love tennis balls, I ask for a new one every birthday.

I also love going for long walks as exercise is good for me and keeps me fit and healthy.

I live at home with my handler Claire, the family and my teammate Ben, since I am the youngest, I do like to annoy Ben sometimes; but isn’t that what all younger siblings do.

I love working with Claire as since I have been here she is helping me to learn new skills like how to be a wellbeing dog; so not only will I be helping members of the public.

I will also be helping the police officers and staff I work with to think about their own wellbeing when dealing with traumatic incidents and sometimes my colleagues do have deal with some very difficult things and it is brilliant that I can help them.

Well I think that is everything you need to know about me.
Bye for now
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