Stranger Awareness

Stranger Awareness

Hello everyone Jet and Ben here, let’s talk about Strangers.

When you are outside; anywhere; you need to always take care and be aware of strangers, strangers are people you do not know; not every stranger is a bad person; many people are good people.

It is difficult for us to tell who are the good people and who may be bad; so we must follow some simple rules to help to keep us safe when outside, we do not need to be frightened to play outside we just always need to be safe.

So Always remember the Jet and Ben rules:

  1. Stay away from danger and do not talk to a stranger.
  2. Remember the adults you trust check with them first you must.
  3. It’s ok to yell and then run away and tell.
  4. It's safer with two your friend and you.
  5. There’s nothing to say just walk away.
  6. Don’t get into the car run fast and far.

It is important when you are outside that you feel safe in the environment you are in, so always STOP, CHECK and THINK, “DO I FEEL SAFE”.

If the answer is ever NO or you get that wobbly tummy feeling, go straight to an adult you feel safe with and tell them how you feel.

As we have said not every person is a bad person lots of situations or things you see happening outside will be normal daily things but there may be times when you need help; so remember there are also lots of safer strangers and trusted adults; that can help you when you need them.

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Teachers
  4. Police Officers
  5. Fire Officers
  6. Doctors, nurses/ hospital staff
  7. Lifeguards
  8. Lollypop ladies/ men
  9. Shop Assistants

In any situation whatever you are doing always remember STOP, CHECK and THINK.

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